By John Tate | November 4, 2019

Insurance Agency Reynoldsburg

At Masters Insurance Group, we have two locations, and one of them is in the lovely town of Reynoldsburg. One of Reynoldsburg’s nicknames is the “City of Respect,” and judging from the clientele we’ve worked with over our many years in business, we can testify to the truthfulness of that name! As longtime Ohio residents ourselves, we love the people of Reynoldsburg, and we’re glad to be able to contribute to the community with our insurance agency.


There are a lot of wonderful unique things about Reynoldsburg. Did you know the first commercial variety of tomato was bred here? And that we have a Tomato Festival with its own corresponding Tomato Festival queen? Indeed, Reynoldsburg is a fun, unique, and homely city, but there is one thing it has in common with everywhere else — everybody needs insurance! 

Reynoldsburg’s Leading Insurance Agency


We provide just about every type of insurance that the average Ohio homeowner would need here at Masters Insurance Group. But our services aren’t just for homeowners — we also serve business owners with our selection of various business insurances. Whether you’re insuring your home, your health, or even your life, insurance is an important and necessary expense to provide financial safety and peace-of-mind.


If you’re in Reynoldsburg or the surrounding areas, consider stopping by Masters Insurance Group for the following insurance needs:

Home and Auto Insurance

  • Auto Insurance: Whether you’re in Reynoldsburg, Chicago, or New York City, everybody in the US is required to have some form of auto insurance. We’ll help you find the best auto insurance and we can also guide you through the additional forms of auto coverage that exist.
  • Condo Insurance: Do you own a Reynoldsburg condominium? These units have different insurance needs than regular houses, and you’ll benefit from having condo insurance. Ask us about our policies today!
  • Flood Insurance: Because flood damage isn’t covered by standard homeowner’s insurance, it’s important to make sure you have flood insurance at the ready — especially if you live in a spot where water pools up. Ohio can get pretty rainy during certain parts of the year, so don’t be caught unprepared!
  • Homeowners Insurance: Your home is one of the biggest investments you’ll make in your life — don’t let an unexpected catastrophe ruin your finances and potential prospects. Protect your Reynoldsburg home with homeowners insurance from Masters Insurance Group! 
  • Landlord Insurance: If you rent out a home or building in Reynoldsburg, you never know what damage it might go through while you’re not present. It’s also possible for tenants to make a mess of things. We provide landlord insurance so that your investment can be protected.
  • Renters Insurance:  Renters insurance is very cheap, and it protects just about all of your possessions under a rented roof. Renters insurance is often overlooked, but the cost to coverage ratio makes it a no-brainer.
  • Umbrella Insurance: Insurance policies have a limit — if that limit is surpassed, you’re paying out of pocket. That is, at least, if you don’t have umbrella insurance. We provide umbrella insurance to anyone in Reynoldsburg who needs it, which can cast a wide safety net that extends beyond your normal policies.


Life and Health Insurance


  • Disability Insurance: If you have a loved one in Reynoldsburg who suffers from a disability, or you have one yourself, we provide disability insurance that can help compensate for your lost pay if you’re incapacitated from work.
  • Health Insurance: Everybody needs health insurance because just one uninsured medical emergency can lead to a personal financial crisis. Not only does everyone need life insurance, but the quality of it matters. We’ll help you find the best coverage at the lowest rates for your needs.
  • Life Insurance: Unfortunately, death can strike at any time. Although nobody thinks it will happen to them, it’s best to make sure your family is financially protected anyway. We offer quality life insurance policies that will give you long-lasting peace-of-mind. 
  • Long-Term Care Insurance: If you or a loved one requires long-term medical care, we want to help you find the best long-term care insurance possible. Otherwise, you’ll be drowning in medical bills.


Business Insurance 

  • Business Insurance: Do you operate a business in Reynoldsburg? Businesses typically have a need for several different types of insurance. Come to us for business liability insurance, property insurance, and more.
  • Commercial Auto Insurance: When a vehicle is used for commercial purposes, it needs to have its own special time of insurance. We provide commercial auto insurance to business owners in the Reynoldsburg area and surrounding regions.


  • Boat Insurance: Your boat has very different insurance needs than your car. Due to its status as a water-based vehicle, there are many more risks it’s susceptible to. Protect your boat by contacting us today for quality boat insurance.
  • Motorcycle Insurance: Do you love the feel of roaming the wide-open Ohio road on your bike? Make sure you’re equipped with motorcycle insurance — it’s required in most states, so we’ll help you find the best coverage.
  • Recreational Vehicles Insurance: There are many adventures to be had in Ohio, so if you splurge on a recreational vehicle such as RV or a trailer, more power to you. But, make sure it’s properly insured because accidents can always happen, and it’ll be a high price to pay if it’s one of these vehicles!


Get Started With Masters Insurance Today

At Masters Insurance, we encourage all Reynoldsburg residents to stop by our location off Baltimore-Reynoldsburg Road and I-70. We can help you find the best insurance at the lowest rates. Nobody does it better than Masters Insurance, and getting started is easy — all you have to do is contact us today!


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