By John Tate | February 4, 2020

Insurance Agency Pickerington

At Masters Insurance Group, one of our locations is in Pickerington, which means we quite often get visits from the lovely people in Pickerington. Pickerington has always been one of our favorite areas. It may not be a huge metropolis, but that just means its peaceful tree-lined streets can be better enjoyed without the hustle and bustle of crowds.


Pickerington has always had wonderful people — our Pickerington clients are always exceedingly pleasant, and the town itself has produced a fair share of professional athletes and performers. But there’s one thing that the people of Pickerington have in common with everyone else in Ohio — and the whole US, for that matter — their need for quality insurance!

Pickerington’s Leading Insurance Agency


At Masters Insurance Group, we provide a wide variety of insurance policies for just about every need under the sun. We are highly experienced in finding the best auto insurance and home insurance policies, and we also provide coverage for businesses, health, and even your favorite “toys” such as your boat and motorcycle. 


If you’re in Pickerington or the surrounding areas, consider stopping by Masters Insurance Group for the following insurance needs:

Home and Auto Insurance

  • Auto Insurance: Everybody needs auto insurance, whether you’re in Pickerington, Baton Rouge, or Timbuktu. We’ll help you find the best coverage at the lowest rates, and we can also help navigate you through other types of non-mandatory auto insurance.
  • Condo Insurance: Do you live in a condominium in Pickerington? Make sure it’s insured with condo insurance! This type of special insurance is uniquely tailored to condo owners, and it will cover a variety of different damages.
  • Flood Insurance: Did you know that regular homeowners insurance doesn’t cover damage caused from natural floods? It can get pretty rainy here in Ohio, so it’s prudent to cover yourself with flood insurance — especially if you live somewhere where water naturally pools.
  • Homeowners Insurance: Every potential homeowner should explore their insurance options before purchasing a home. If the abode in question is in Pickerington, we’ll help you find the best homeowners insurance.
  • Landlord Insurance: Renting out property can be an amazing source of income, but it comes with several unknown quantities. It’s wise to protect your real estate investment with landlord insurance, which can help cover damages, from both tenants and natural causes.
  • Renters Insurance: If you’re currently renting in Pickerington, ask us about renters insurance! Renters insurance is very affordable, and it protects your possessions against theft, damage, and so on.
  • Umbrella Insurance: Insurance policies only cover a certain amount of damages — if you max out your insurance policy, the rest comes out-of-pocket. That is, unless you have umbrella insurance. Umbrella insurance can pick up the slack if you max out other insurance policies, and it also covers things that other policies do not.


Life and Health Insurance


  • Disability Insurance: Do you have any kind of condition, long-term or short-term that will incapacitate you from working? Disability insurance will help make up for your lost income.
  • Health Insurance: The quality of your health insurance matters. An uninsured medical emergency can bankrupt you, while poor-coverage policies can drain your wallet and still leave you hanging when an accident happens. We can help you find the best health insurance policy for your unique needs and circumstances.
  • Life Insurance: Nobody thinks that it’s their time to go, but anything can happen, and it’s important to make sure your loved ones are taken care of. 
  • Long-Term Care Insurance: Do you or a loved one in Pickerington require long-term medical care? Long-term care insurance is essential, because it protects you from the financial burden of neverending medical expenses.


Business Insurance 

  • Business Insurance: Protect your Pickerington business against damages and lawsuits by contacting us for business insurance! We offer several types of liability and property insurance to ensure that you’re completely covered.
  • Commercial Auto Insurance: If you use a vehicle for commercial purposes, regular auto insurance isn’t going to cover it. You’ll want commercial auto insurance to ensure that your vehicle is protected in a business capacity.


  • Boat Insurance: Your boat has different insurance needs than your car or truck. It’s susceptible to a wider variety of damages and thus requires its own unique protections. If you take frequent lake outings, you can’t go without it!
  • Motorcycle Insurance: Because of the high rate of motorcycle accidents, most states require motorcycle drivers to have insurance. If you love driving the open roads of Ohio on your bike, contact us to find the best rates.
  • Recreational Vehicles Insurance: Do you have a jet ski, motor home, trailer, or any other kind of recreational vehicle? They all have their own unique needs when it comes to insurance. These vehicles are unconventional and are vulnerable to more damages than the average car. 


Get Started With Masters Insurance Today

At Masters Insurance, we encourage all Pickerington residents to stop by our Reynoldsburg location off Baltimore-Reynoldsburg Road and I-70. We can help you find the best insurance at the lowest rates. Whether it’s your car, your boat, your business, or your own life that you’re insuring, nobody does it better than Masters Insurance. Getting started is easy — all you have to do is contact us today!


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